What makes working with Music for Life so special?


Music for Life works in partnership with over 90 self-employed, freelance music tutors who share a belief that more is achieved acting together than alone. Our work ethic is based on a collaborative partnership that is mutually supportive and respectful.


The team of tutors and musicians we work with are happy and fully engaged in their work as freelance music tutors. This positive spirit is very evident to schools and parents and has been commented on by two independent reviews, as well as being a factor when we were awarded ‘Music Not-For-Profit Organisation Of The Year 24-25’.


Unlike most other school music services, we don’t receive public funding directly. For over 28 years we have been self-sufficient so we are much less affected by any cuts to music education funding. Music for Life reinvests tens of thousands of pounds each year to provide free ensembles, exciting workshops and spectacular concerts.

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Working with Music for Life

Sharing the same philosophy and beliefs that Music for Life holds, the team of tutors are fully committed to providing high quality instrumental lessons and musical opportunities in school. Independently reviewed as outstanding and recently awarded ‘Music Not-For-Profit Organisation Of The Year 24-25’, the collaboration between Music for life and the team of self-employed tutors is so strong and respectful, widely acknowledged and recognised by independent reviews. 


With Music for Life providing all the administrative support needed to arrange music lessons in schools, it allows tutors space to focus on the music and teaching.


As we work with a wide selection of instrumentalists across a vast area, you have a team of professionals that many tutors not only work with for teaching, but also perform with.

School time

As many tutors perform in the evenings, they find that working with us during the day allows them freedom to continue their performing careers in the evening. 


Music for Life’s reputation is so strong that tutors working with us find it so beneficial to their work, with over 98% students continuing their courses for the full academic year.

Join the team of self-employed tutors

Whether you are a well-established instrumental or singing tutor currently working in Cheshire, North Staffordshire or Wirral, or if you are just starting out, please contact us to find out more about how working in partnership with Music for Life could support you.