Music for Life was set up by Alasatir McWilliam in 1995 as a direct response to the needs of schools. Alastair was the Head of Music at Bishop Heber High School, Malpas, Cheshire and was given a part time sabbatical by Michael Carding, then Headteacher at that school, to try out an idea to develop an innovative new music service for schools in the immediate area. At the end of the first year, Music for Life was working in 8 schools and had around 300 pupils. Since then, the scheme has grown purely through word of mouth, one headteacher recommending to another, one music coordinator or Head of Music recommending to others.

We have never sought to grow quickly, just simply to support schools who wish to provide opportunities for their pupils to successfully learn an instrument. It is a service that has genuinely grown entirely due to its commitment to meet the needs of schools and the young people they serve. Our principle aim is to work in partnership to provide reliable, high quality, inspirational, affordable teaching whilst at the same time minimising virtually all the organisational and contractual pressures schools would otherwise have to deal with. Music for Life provides four main services. Please take a look at them, and then contact us if you would like us to arrange a visit to discuss you school’s needs.