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What makes learning an instrument through Music for Life so special?

High Quality

The fantastic teaching provided to children by a hundred enthusiastic, high quality, specialist independent instrumental and vocal teachers is well known by schools, as is the exceptional quality of our music groups, workshop events and concerts.

Great Convenience

Lessons are provided in school at a time agreed with the school, meaning no trips to lessons after school. There is strong evidence that learning an instrument positively enhances many other aspects of a child’s learning and development in school, and it is great to be part of a community of musicians in school.

Real Success

For more than 20 years, Music for Life has shown it offers children a great chance of success. Whether you speak to schools, or look at our external exam results, or speak to former students who say that learning with us was one of the greatest formative experiences they had growing up, the evidence is all there!

Fantastic Opportunity

The opportunity to learn an instrument in school offers something very special that can last a lifetime.

Simply choose an instrument and our easy booking form will offer you a choice of lesson types and costs to suit your child’s needs and your budget, along with the option to pay for lessons by monthly subscription. Answers to many other FAQs, including help with choosing which instrument to learn, advice on hiring or buying an instrument, plus our different lesson types and costs, is here

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You are only committed to a 12 week “taster” period when you book and may then cancel further lessons, change instrument or join the 96% of students who continue and complete the full course booked!

Try us out, and join the thousands of young people who have been inspired by us to get involved with music …. for life!

Praise for Music for Life

Mrs Lavelle, Altrincham

Your emphasis on inclusion and excellence in seemingly equal measure is really remarkable. The performances were much more joyful and committed than anything we have seen before from people of that age and experience. Your choice of music, the type of arranging and the personalities of the people you employ clearly works very well and is something of a special formula.

Mrs Sadler, Crewe

As someone who has always taken a sympathetic and supportive interest in our daughter (whom you know to be severely /profoundly deaf ) we thought you would want to know that she has won a National competition for deaf musicians! Her prize includes a 2 day Masterclass, taught by specialists of national repute and then she is playing at the Birmingham Rep Theatre. Well done Mrs Turner and Music For Life!

Mrs Cliffe, Helsby

May I take this opportunity to say how very happy and impressed we are with the level of care and motivational input given to young musicians by ALL of your staff. Samuel can be easily overwhelmed by new situations but with MfL he has blossomed and grown in confidence. Music for Life are to be highly recommended as a professional, motivational and inspiring organisation with talented and inspirational tutors who really care about the child.

S Grinton, parent, Neston.

You have helped Adam enormously with his music and he has grown with confidence since you started the band.

S Grinton, parent, Neston.

Ben Everitt, former Music for Life student

It was an honour playing with such great people and it was in many ways the main driving force keeping me motivated to play music. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.

Ben Everitt, former Music for Life student

Instrumental Teacher? Get Involved!

Whether you are a well-established instrumental or singing teacher working in Cheshire, North Staffordshire or Wirral, or if you are just starting out, why not contact us to find out how working in partnership with Music for Life could support you? We’d love to hear from you.

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