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Click this link to book a course and set up payment via our secure booking portal:

Please note the following before booking lessons.

Bookings: All bookings are subject to final confirmation of teacher availability and a suitable teaching space in school.

Number of lessons: This will be set according to the time of year the lessons are booked and is based on the number of lessons it should be possible to provide during the academic year. However, all new courses are only committed to a term’s “taster” period – usually around 12 weeks. At the end of the taster period, you may change the course, cancel further lessons, or join the 95% of students who choose to take any remaining lessons booked!

Cancellations: Outside the first term’s “taster” period offered to all new course bookings, a term’s notice (usually around 12 teaching weeks) is required.

Costs: You will be able to compare prices and choose what type of course to book – shared lessons (not available for piano), 20 minute one-to-one lessons or 30 minute one-to-one lessons – when you book. Typically, shared lessons cost £25 per month, and a one-to-one lesson £37 per month. In some schools, fees may be significantly less due to subsidy. The prices shown on the booking portal will be correct for your school.

Payment: You can choose to pay in full or monthly using almost any card – credit, debit or prepaid. Communication to and from our booking portal is encrypted.

More information: Answers to FAQs

Financial Support: May be available in cases of hardship. Please contact us before booking if you would like to discuss.

Reception children & Y1 children: We do not take bookings for children in reception class, and we don’t take online bookings for children in Y1. However, do contact us by phone or email to register interest for the future or if you wish to discuss!

Y2 and Y3 children: Some instruments are generally only suitable for children in Y4 or older – most brass and woodwind instruments, for example. You will find you can’t book lessons on these instruments via the booking portal if your child is younger. However, we do make some exceptions to these rules! Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you want to discuss.

Instruments: You will need an instrument to take the course, drums being the exception during the taster course. Should you require an instrument, please indicate this when you book the course and we will send you information along with our booking acknowledgment email about two superb local suppliers. To give you an idea of cost, you can hire most types of instruments – brass, most woodwind and keyboards – for just £9 per month with whatever you pay in hire coming off the price of the instrument should you later decide to purchase. Interest free loans are available through an Arts Council England funded programme designed to help young people get into music, and you can buy instruments free of VAT and at an educational discount for children who have instrumental lessons in school. Music for Life receives no payment or commission from any supplier, which leaves us free to recommend people we feel offer best quality and value. You might like to check out these two suppliers to get some further idea of prices.

Cheshire Music: Great for top quality, properly reconditioned, second hand woodwind, brass and keyboard instruments which come with a year guarantee. Will deliver to school.

Dawsons: Stores across the region, great for quality instruments and service, and can advise about VAT free discounted purchase. Will deliver to school.