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Robert Kinnear BA (Hons)


Robert Kinnear has been playing the guitar since age 11. His passion has always been blues based rock, classical music and musical theatre, having performed as lead guitarist in a number of musicals during his GCSE’s and A-Levels. During his A-Levels, Robert independently studied for his Rockschool grade 8 and gained a distinction, which allowed him to get onto the University of Chester Popular Music performing degree. He recently graduated with a 2:1 in Popular Music and English. Whilst doing private lessons for family and friends, Robert’s main guitar teaching took place at a shop called Soundmove Music in Bebbington on the Wirral, where he worked alongside his old guitar teacher Martin Pleass. He taught at Soundmove for four years and taught a wide range of children and adults, successfully getting many through the Rockschool syllabus grades 1-8. Outside of teaching, Robert has enjoyed being involved in various bands and is still regularly touring with both bands that he joined whilst at university.