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Peter Leaver BMus


I am a passionate, patient and personable tutor based in Manchester who enjoys learning just as much as my students. Having studied/played the instrument for 13 years, 4 of those years at the Royal Northern College of Music, I have an extensive knowledge of multiple musical genres. During my time there I studied under 2 world renowned drummers in Luke Flowers (Cinematic Orchestra) and Dave Hassle (Apitos) and was taught the importance of developing methodical practice techniques (ensuring focused practice sessions that were/are time efficient) as well as understanding that music is an individual pursuit and should be taught thusly. Every student has independent needs and requires a different approach. I intend to find out what will work for you in order to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses. I am sensitive and considerate and put a large focus on being a musician and not just a “drummer”. This means that listening and conceptual thought are a big part of my method as well as technique. Understanding the how and the why we play is very important in equipping ourselves with the tools to succeed in a myriad of musical settings. What role am I serving in the band/ensemble? How am I contributing to the overall sound? How can I support the other musicians in what they are trying to say musically? These are the kinds of questions we should be consistently asking ourselves when we sit down to practice or rehearse. Currently I play in several original projects, some of which have received BBC Radio 6 airplay as well as gigging regularly in several function bands performing pop/rock covers and Jazz Standards. I’m also able to teach grades (both Trinity and Rockschool syllabus) should you wish to undertake them.