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Paul Morley


Music is a vital part of the curriculum. Many scientific studies have concluded that musical training enhances and develops both cognitive and non-cognitive skills. However, quite apart from this, countless individuals over many generations have testified to the way in which, during their formative years, involvement in musical activities (both in and out of the classroom) helped to build self-esteem, encouraged teamwork and provided deep personal fulfilment. Music is intellectually rigorous and challenging, but also exciting and life-affirming. I am passionately committed to helping young people achieve their full potential in the subject.

Since September 2018, I have been working at Malbank School and VI Form College Nantwich as a piano tutor. I have played an active part in the school’s extra-curricular music activities, playing for the choir and soloists in concerts and the carol service, as well as accompanying candidates in their GCSE practical exams. In addition to my duties at Malbank, I teach piano, organ and theory (children and adults, from beginners to diploma) for a further five hours per week. To date I have had a 100% pass rate with students that I have entered for exams.

After thirty years, my enthusiasm for inculcating a love of music in young people remains undimmed, and am confident that I have the skills, experience and capacity for hard work necessary to meet the current demands of the profession.