Chris Hough


Chris has been playing drums for about 25 years now and has worked for many bands, orchestras all around the world from Brazil to Budapest. Chirs has done various recordings at the BBC and other large studios. Currently, he is working with ‘The Slow Show’ an incredible originals band, ‘Rob Lloyd and the Riviera’ a gypsy Jazz covers Band, ‘Tipatina’ a New Orleans band and also Mel C of the Spice Girls fame. Chris plays all styles of music from folk to classical to hip hop. Many of his students have gone on to great things. Recently, over a period of just two years, he has taken a student from being a complete beginner to being one of the finest snare drum players in the Royal Marines. Chris has an excellent reputation as a teacher and now does a great deal of teaching through Music for Life and has devised and run many Whole Class teaching projects.