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Chris Gilbert


Chris is an artist, teacher and musician with many years of experience of working with, and inspiring, children. He spent 23 years in Liverpool teaching Art and leading Children’s Work in church before moving to Cheshire and going freelance as The Art and Soul Man (see In this guise, Chris goes into predominantly primary schools to lead faith-based assemblies or run art projects (or sometimes combine the two). Musically, Chris is primarily a drummer but he has been playing the guitar since he was a teenager and he writes a lot of his own songs, which he uses in his schools’ work. Chris has played in many bands, ranging from Irish Folk Rock and Barn Dance bands to various covers bands. Chris has played drums and guitar as part of the worship in church for over thirty years now. Chris is essentially a gifted communicator, who can take difficult concepts and make them easy to understand and he utilises this ability in his teaching across all media. Chris encourages children to approach music of all styles and ages with an open mind, a strong sense of rhythm, and a great deal of enjoyment.