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Jo Clark


Joanne began her musical journey by learning to play the recorder at the age of 7 and began reading the music very quickly. A teacher at her Primary School was quick to realise that Joanne had great musicality and a ‘good ear for music’ and advised that she should learn to play the piano.

At the age of nine, Joanne progressed through the Pianoforte examinations from Initial through to Grade Eight reaching this by the age of 17. Theory examinations were achieved at high levels from Grade 1 through to 7.

Joanne can play the Trumpet, Cornet and Horn and was a member of the County Youth Brass Band at the age of 15 and had the opportunity to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Joanne also played occasionally for the Salvation Army and the Frodsham Silver Band. Playing and teaching piano has always been a significant part of her life in addition to her previous roles encompassing accounting through to marketing. Joanne is now concentrating on teaching Pianoforte, going into Primary schools and passing on her skills to the children and giving them the opportunity to play which she sees as a great pleasure and honour. In particular encouraging the children to progress and see their smiling faces as they themselves achieve their goals whilst watching their confidence grow along with their self esteem.