Whether you are a well-established instrumental or singing teacher working in Cheshire, North Staffordshire or Wirral, or if you are just starting out, why not contact us to find out how working in partnership with Music for Life could support you? We’d love to hear from you. Register your interest here and someone will get in touch.

What makes working with Music for Life special?

  1. Positive Partnership. Music for Life works in partnership with almost 100 independent music teachers who share a belief that more is achieved acting together than alone. Our work ethic is based on a collaborative partnership that is mutually supportive and respectful.
  2. Positive Spirit. The team of teachers we work with are (dare we say it?!) happy and engaged in their work as music teachers. This positive team spirit is very evident to schools and parents and has been picked up on by two independent professional reviews of our service.
  3. Positively self-sufficient. Unlike most other school music services, there have been no cutbacks in recent years because we do not receive any public funding directly. Over almost 20 years we have learned to be self-sufficient so we have been much less effected by recent cuts to music education funding.
  4. Positively Giving Back. Not only is Music for Life self-sufficient, but we contribute resources back into our local community’s music education. Every year, Music for Life donate tens of thousands of pounds to provide free ensembles, exciting workshops and spectacular concerts. We arrange several Associated Board Special Visit Centres across the area over the year and support families facing hardship with the costs of learning an instrument.

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