Lesson Types & Costs


Once you have decided on an instrument, you have three different lesson types to choose from.

A shared lesson. This is the cheapest option. It usually means 2 pupils learning the same instrument of similar age, experience and standard, sharing a 20 minute lesson. Sometimes, this may be three pupils sharing a 30 minute lesson. This option is designed to suit beginners best of all. It is not available for piano lessons, and is not recommended for drums or singing after the first few months.

An individual 20 minute lesson. This is the most popular option, with most students on this type of course, particularly those who have been learning for a year or more.

An individual 30 minute lesson.  This is the most expensive option and is best suited to more advanced students, although quite a few less experienced students choose this option and it works very well for them. However, we would recommend choosing a less expensive lesson type first.

Course Length

The number of lessons you would book is set according to the time of year the lessons are booked and is based on the number of lessons it should be possible to provide during the academic year. However, remember all new courses have a 12 week taster period so you are only committed to this when you book. That way, you can try things out for 12 weeks before deciding whether to continue the rest of the course, change instruments or cancel remaining lessons.


Course Fees do vary a bit (occasionally significantly) because some schools subside lessons.

However, the monthly payment for a shared lesson course is typically £24.50 a month, for a course of individual 20 minute lessons it would typically be £37 per month and for a course of individual 30 minute lessons, the cost would typically be £48.50 per month.

Please Note

  • Changes in family circumstances that occur after a course has started (such as redundancy) are always looked on very sympathetically and fees may be adjusted.
  • Significant fee reductions may be available to families facing hardship. Ask for details BEFORE booking lessons.
  • As already stated, some course fees may be considerably lower due to subsidies available in particular schools.

Getting an Instrument – see Frequently Asked Questions, question 5 here.

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